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Date: 12-09-2020

Category: MTB Marathon

Distance: 40 km, 60 km

Location: Rab, Rab island/Croatia

Link: https://www.adriabike.hr/en/events/rab-island-hero-2020-mtb-marathon/

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Description: In the lower grades of primary school, we learned that an island is defined as a part of the mainland that is completely surrounded by the sea. Only later in life did we have to discover that an island was actually more. So much more. Especially for us cyclists. We don’t even have to explain to you what it’s like to ride a bike on an island. To ride an MTB. You already know that. And it can’t be learned in school. You have to feel it on your own skin. That is why we wanted to organise a new race of the Series on land surrounded by the sea. At all costs. And not on any, but on a small island that is so big, so diverse. On Rab. In desert and wilderness Rocks, sand, mud, forests, the sea, the sun, and you. A trip around the world in 60 km. Red, white, green and blue. The scent of the sea, of conifer and of the immortelle. All the senses just as engaged as your legs as you pedal up and down the hills. Through the beaches, through Kamenjak, Dundo, and Premužić. Like a modern Robinson. But you’re not alone. You have your bike. Just the two of you. Alone against everyone. Against other competitors, against nature and against yourself. But you can do it. Because you are already a hero, you just have to prove it. To yourself. On the island of Rab. On the Island Hero. 12.9.2020.


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